Stress og æteriske olier

Ready to create better health & an extra income stream?

Do you want an extra & efficient tool to improve the health & wellness of your clients (and yourself)?

Do you have a passion for healing body, mind and spirit?

Would you like to create a steady, extra income stream in your business? And potentially create a longterm foundation for financial freedom?

If 'yes', please watch my free webinar & learn more

Yes please, I would love to learn more

The webinar is for you, who:

  • Are vision-driven
  • Wants to live in alignment with your heart and soul
  • Long to have more freedom & time
  • Are passionate about health & wellness and willing to use your influence & voice to share essential oils
  • Have the desire to continually learn and grow, both personally and in your business
  • Tired of doing everything on your own as a solo-entrepreneur
  • Long to have a stable, monthly income
  • Love natural, pure solutions and love helping & supporting others

My name is Rebecka Bjoerk

I am a doTERRA Silver Leader. I love the essential oils & their deep healing benefits. I lead a team of 250+ customers & wellness advocates.

We are living in both exciting & challenging times where the demand of natural & pure solutions are growing more than ever before. I am so grateful to have the oils as a daily support & healing tool for me & my family.

I especially love to be part of doTERRA because of:

1) The purity & therapeutic qualities of the essential oils.
2) doTERRA's high standards of integrity toward farmers, havesters & our planet.
3) The positive impact the sourcing of the essential oils have on local communities oftent in poor & remote places on this earth.

Next to working with doTERRA, I work as a certified SoulRealignment practioner. In my 12 years as a coach, counselor & entrepreneur, I haven't come across a more efficient & transformational modality. Therefor, when you choose to be an active & commited wellness advocate on my team, you will receive several transformational healing sessions with me. The sessions in combination with the use of the essential oils & your own efforts, will clear away blocks & beliefs standing in the way of your success & abundance.

Watch my webinar about creating a business with essential oils

When you have watched the webinar, your are invited to a free strategy call with me. Here we will talk about:

  • Status on your current business
  • What results you would like to achieve
  • What it will take for you to achieve these results

Fill out this application form & book a free strategy call with me >>>

If we are a match, I will invite you to join my doTERRA team


Participate in a 6 months free mentor program

The free strategy call is NOT for you who:

  • Just want a cosy talk about essential oils.
  • Don’t have time, energy or a sincere intention of making an effort to create what you long for.
  • Want a quick fix or get rich quick program.

Learn more about my 6 months free Mentor Program

I will tailormade the mentor program so that it suits your soul, uniqueness, your needs and whishes.

Prepare yourself for a big, transformational journey, both on a personal and business level.

My intention with the mentor program is to:

  • Give you a solid foundation for creating a successful business in doTERRA
  • Illuminate & clear the energetic blocks that stand in the way of your success
  • Support you in taking full responsibility and ownership for creating the results you desire

During the course of 6 months, I will teach, mentor & support you how to prepare for, launch and grow your doTERRA business.

Preparation: 3-4 months first months

  • You learn about the essential oils
  • You learn about the business (and will continue learning when you start building)
  • Preparing your self internally (the clearing work – read more below)
  • Preparing your launch

Launching your doTERRA business: Will typically be between the 4th and the 6th month of the program.

Growing the business sustainable: Ongoing  support from me after the 6 months of the program,

During the 6 months program, you will receive all this as a minimum:

  • A Basic SoulRealignment session. Here we will uncover what is unique to your soul. And we will clear karmic blocks standing in your way of living an abundant life
  • A Life Situation Reading where we will look at & clear energetic blocks in the areas of your life where you specifically lack flow and is challenged
  • Ongoing Clearing of negative, karmic blocks & restrictions and a deeper understanding of your soul during 6 months. (max 4)
  • Bi-monthly individual, coaching calls with me to keep you on track

The mentor program has a value of 3.999 dollars

If you are accepted into the program, you will receive it for free.

I do have these expectations for you, if you choose to participate:

  • Before we dive into the program, you sign up as a doTERRA wellness advocate on my team
  • You are willing to & capable of a monthly investment of approx. 215$ to get your business started. In return, doTERRA provides an online shop, stock & shipping of the products + customer-service in your local language
  • You are willing to dedicate at minimum 8-10 hours a week during the next 6 months
  • You already have a business within the health- or wellness area, and you are already familiar with online marketing
  • You take responsibility for your own results, and you don’t expect others to do it for you
  • You like networking and interacting with people, and you already have a crowd of people who know, like and trust you

Is this you?

Please click on the link below & fill out the application form.

Be honest and realistic when you fill out the application form.

Once I have received your application form, I will get back to you on email.

If I think we might be a good match, I will invite you to a free strategy call with me, where we will talk more about the mentor program. And clarify if we are a good match for working together.

I have 3 spots available on the free mentor program!

The deadline for applying is the 1st of august 2021, and once the 3 spots are filled up, application will end.

Do you want to (re)watch my webinar “Create freedom, health & joy in your business with essential oils”. 

Watch the webinar >>>




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